With this extensive renovation to an existing holiday house, the client had simple aspirations of establishing larger, open planned living arrangements which would connect too, but act independently of sleeping quarters.

It was an important design consideration that the occupants had the flexibility to socialise or retreat to private spaces at their discretion. This requirement combined with the location in a beautiful bushland context against panoramic beach views, resulted in a series of decking spaces perched high amongst the tree-canopy surrounds, to form transitional zones between nature and nurture, sheltered and exposed.

Smart wiring throughout allows occupants to relax and enjoy the building working for them and allows the uninterrupted, panoramic beach views to be enjoyed without distraction. Ill defined entry space and poor access were replaced with an inviting formal entry, which forms part of a structured but free flowing itinerary of spaces from public to private. Methodically placed highlight windows and glazed panels compliment the dramatic raked ceilings and emphasize the lofty space. Subtly coloured finishes and selections emphasize a light breezy ambience throughout the dwelling and imbue a sense of homely warmth and retreat.


Terrigal, Central Coast NSW

YEAR: 2013