Undertaking the design and construction of a new home, Apartment complex or other project is an exciting time offering new horizons and possibilities however overseeing the successful delivery of the project can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t well versed in the construction process and contractual obligations.

Letting professionals take care of your project is all about reducing the stress for you and making sure that every aspect of the project runs as smoothly as possible.

There are a number of design and documentation steps involved in any project and our staged project involvement allows you the flexibility to engage Slater Architects for any or all of these, including:


We generally meet with you in our office to get an idea of what the project entails and it’s potentials and constraints and any specific desirable or undesirable features. This is your opportunity to share your concepts, dreams and vision where you can use our experience and knowledge to clarify your aspirations and provide a launch pad for exploring the possibilities. We then follow up with a site visit where we document the site and arrange for a site survey to be completed.


We develop a brief and draw up a concept design inspired by your wants and needs. This is all about the Big Ideas and explores massing i.e Height and shapes, and general spatial planning. Often opportunities and/or potential constraints become more apparent at this stage and allow the project to evolve to the next phase and rendition.


This stage focuses on further developing the concept ideas and often invloves entering the drawings into CAD (Computer-aided Design) and can involve input from other specialists such as engineers. We begin to explore ideas around materiality and continue to refine the design which also can provide a clearer picture of potential costs. At this stage a quantity surveyor (cost estimator) or builder can help by providing preliminary pricing prior to moving to the next stage of lodgement with council.


We lodge what is known as a ‘Development Application’ or D.A to council and negotiate the processes of gaining formal design approval. This process includes, but is not limited to, the preparation and/or co-ordination of all the complex documentation, studies/analyses and liaising with consultants and council assessors along the way.


Once DA approved we coordinate the necessary documentation to lodge a Construction Certificate or CC with a certifier (this can be through council or a private certifier). This documentation commonly incorporates detailed Structural Engineers design, other consultant input along with satisfying specific conditions council has outlined in their written DA consent. The CC represents a basic set of drawings that can be legally constructed from but generally doesn’t include more comprehensive drawings often required for high-end Architecture.


This set of documentation represents comprehensive ‘For Construction’ drawings and supporting documentation, often including many additional drawings to the CC set such as Lighting and Electrical Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans (ceiling design and heights), Construction Detailing such as Stairs, Balustrades and Handrails, Skirting and Cornice and any special features such as Pools or Ponds. These items are often critical to the delivery of high quality architecture as it ensures the building is well resolved prior to construction and is cohesively designed rather than leaving room for interpretation or guess work by the builder and/or sub-contractors during the build.


We offer full Interior Design services which includes the design and documentation of specific spaces throughout the project, commonly wet areas i.e Bathrooms /Kitchens, and key features i.e Fireplaces and Built-in Joinery, in which we will draw and fully schedule the desired interior finishes, fittings and selections.


When you engage us as project administrators we act as your independent advisors on all aspects of the project including:

  • Preparing and tendering contracts and appointing builders
  • Keeping you informed of contractual requirements including general construction progress, key stages, builder claims/progress payments
  • Ensuring the Contractor is complying with documentation and specifications

As project managers we minimise the worry and stress for you by running regular site checks, contractual review and enforcement, and communicate regularly with yourself on project updates and/or authorisations. This is your assurance that your project will be completed to the highest of standards, in an efficient manner, the way you want whilst minimising potential risks and unknowns.