Originally briefed as a renovation to an existing beachside dwelling the design was slowly transformed into a masterpiece of craftsmanship, finesse and innovation.

The site is defined by two pavilion style forms synthesised by a private courtyard retreat enveloped by intimate garden space, complete with a plunge pool. Large, operable glazed timber doors extend indoor living areas into the outside, blurring the bounds of inside to out. This sense of fluidity and loosely defined space tie the home to its spectacular beachside setting resulting in a building which breathes the ocean breeze. Operable doors and windows feature throughout the dwellings to allow for the movement of light and air without compromise to privacy.

The architecture speaks to the street with a bold, visually engaging play of hand-laid South-Australian Bluestone and impeccable cedar timber work, affording prominence without intimidation.


North Avoca, Central Coast NSW

YEAR: 2008