Surrounded by beach, reserve and water on three sides, the site played an integral role in shaping the external and internal layout of these six luxury residential apartments. The clean, crisp, linear lines of the building seek to create a dialogue with the undulating curves of the surrounding sand dunes resulting in a structure which compliments but does not compete with nature. The distinctive Norfolk pine trees which dominate the surrounding landscape serve as inspiration for the skeletal-style structuring of the building which transpires in the strong, supporting solid forms and setback broad panels of glazing.

A light colour scheme set against redolent timber paneling combines with a mix of other materials and stone highlights to create visual interest and evoke a sense of the beach setting which forms its backdrop. Large open plan living spaces flow onto generously sized external balconies and terraced courtyards to allow occupants to take advantage of the spectacular scenery surrounding the building. Car parking is directed underground to give priority to the pedestrian and living spaces and retain an uncluttered streetscape.


North Entrance, Central Coast NSW

YEAR: 2009