Terrigal Trojans Rugby Club

Built on a highly visible and exposed site the clubhouse is positioned to sit comfortably within its dramatic context. Nestled into the bank, the building takes advantage of the spectacular ocean views on three sides whilst also creating a grand gallery for watching the games. The design emerged to respond to the growing needs of the local rugby community whilst improving the public facilities at the Terrigal Haven on the NSW Central Coast.

The architecture is intended to comprise of elements from the surrounding ocean and topography, with its blue roof and white curved hoods representing the rolling white-capped waves and undulating landforms. The palette of materials is a deliberate mixture of colours and texture to duplicate the sand and sea. The building incorporates elements that promote flexibility, with large moving glass walls which allow indoor-outdoor connectivity and an extension of the space.

Terrigal Haven is possibly the most outstanding site for a rugby clubhouse in the world.


Terrigal, Central Coast NSW

YEAR: 2005