An insight from principle architect, Cathy Slater. Growing up as the daughter of a stonemason with a desire and the skills to design houses, it’s no surprise that Cathy Slater has built a reputation for showcasing the beauty of natural stone in her Slater Architects designs. In this article, Cathy Slater shares her experiences from building with stone, reveals her personal preferences and gives expert tips on navigating the challenges [...]

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BEACH HOUSE DESIGNS The sea is a vital part of Australia’s heritage and culture. With such a vast coastline, the draw of the sea is inescapable for most Australians. And stunning beach house designs, for permanent family homes or holiday homes, can help you make a real connection with all the vibrancy and vitality that beachside living offers. Our love for the beach touches something primal within each of [...]

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Living as part of the land, enjoying the space, peace and quiet and beautiful living in the home of your dreams—that’s what luxury acreage home design is all about. Our bespoke rural house designs are designed to fulfil your requirements and to reflect the special environment you’ve chosen as your new home. We listen to your needs and dreams to create an architectural vision that will truly embrace who you [...]

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When Cathy Slater started her own building design firm from her parent’s home in 1980, the quietly spoken 23-year- old had no idea that ‘Plan 2000’ would grow to become the full service, award-winning architectural practice it is today. She had not even considered her business future post 2000 let alone imagined that she would undertake years of study to become a registered architect in her forty’s, employ up to sixteen [...]

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