Bold aesthetics, flowing forms and a love for light filled spaces infuse all Slater Architect’s coastal house designs with the exuberance and passion for life on the coastal fringe.

And natural resources such as stone and timber intertwine throughout our homes that embrace the delights and encounters of coastal living.

But those same forces that shape our coastlines can create real challenges for coastal house design too.

A architect needs to design a home that meets all of the client’s requirements and their vision whilst finding practical, affordable and durable solutions for a range of obstacles including:

  • Complex site issues—erosion, steep slopes, corrosion, high winds
  • Enhancing privacy at the same time as opening up expansive views
  • Finding the right balance between summer coolness and winter warmth

Our coastal house designs draw inspiration from a wide range of sources to transform those coastal living challenges into a carefully balanced fusion of the beautiful and the functional.

We deliver exceptionally high-quality bespoke house designs that combine your own personal vision and desires with the experience and insight of our creative architects.

Whether you’re looking for a new coastal home design or an extensive existing home renovation, Slater Architects will create that luxury coastal home of your dreams.


The best modern coastal home designs reflect the magnificently diverse and beautiful variations of Australia’s coastal environment.

Coastal architecture designs require a profound sensitivity to the challenges and rewards of working with challenging coastal and beachside environments.

So just what is a coastal house design?

It might seem a tough question to answer when our coastal environment includes everything from tranquil sheltered estuaries to glittering sandy beaches, bush clad hilltops and rocky cliff sides.

Every coastal home site offers different challenges and possibilities and so every one of our new coastal home designs is uniquely created to match the site demands with your specific requirements.

Coastal building design considerations need to include:

  • Positioning the house for optimal views
  • Maintaining privacy and natural light flow
  • Exterior & interior cladding choices
  • Expansive outdoor entertaining areas
  • Plunge or spa pools and swimming pools

Modern coastal architecture designs can include pavilion style homes with expansive open plan spaces that link and flow from indoors to outdoors in a seamless transition.

Think expansive floor to ceiling glass that open up completely to access generously proportioned outdoor entertaining areas embedded within solid stone walls which reflect the rocky environment.

Rich timber cladding and the timeless beauty of stone inside and out ties in with the natural landscape and provides an enduring sense of warmth and returning to home.

The smooth texture of external timber weatherboards contrasts beautifully with exposed timber beams and stone pillars to create an image of ageless luxury.

Multiple layered spaces both inside and outside the house accessed by beautiful stairways enhance the sense of space and provide lots of options for personal interaction or solitude.

We’ll also make the most of any site possibilities for enhanced coastal views.

Innovative engineering can provide extraordinarily creative solutions including cantilevered rooms that appear to hover over steep slopes and erosion zones.

Our designs also take into account the need for privacy without any loss of view. Coastal pools or plunge pools may appear to drop off into infinite space or be enclosed in a cloistered stone garden.

Getting the interior design right is just as important as the exterior. Creating floor plans that create generously proportioned spaces that flow seamlessly from one room to another can make the most of the views and allow light into all areas of your home.

It’s important to get the material choices right to showcase interior spaces in their best light. Natural materials such as stone and timber create interiors with a ready-made history and durability.

Matching the right choice of stone makes all the difference to an interior. Stone, used in the right place, can keep your home cool in summer and store daytime energy to heat your home in winter.

Limestone, with its ancient connection to the sea creatures and coral is perfect for any coastal home.

And marble too is ideal for passive heating and looks stunning as well. You’ll also love our colour schemes that favour light colours and an infinite array of whites for that cool summery feeling and a light-filled winter look.


Coastal architecture designs for renovations of older houses offer an almost endless range of possibilities to create a truly magical transformation.

Slater Architects is renowned for its coastal homes designs Australia wide. And we take the journey with you to create the coastal home perfect for you.

Briefs for modern coastal home renovations usually focus on improving the home’s function, expanding the available space, enhancing views, and future proofing the home to resist nature’s destructive forces.

Slater Architects’ coastal home renovation designs do all of that as well as imbue the design with a rich tapestry of timeless luxury.

Whether you want to expand your home by adding another story or maximise the views we can draw on creative engineering solutions to overcome site issues such as erosion lines, sloping blocks or privacy concerns.

We’ll work with you to modernise those jaded 50’s, 60’s or 70’s exterior brick or fibro claddings. Updating older heavy materials to modern more durable cladding elements can be crucial in the coastal environment.

Timber weatherboards or stone facades can provide a stunning yet cost effective transformation and they’re much more durable in the tough marine environment.

This isn’t just about adding real value to your property; it’s about creating a much-loved home where precious memories are made and cherished.


We can open up old, dark rooms with limited function thanks to bespoke luxury interior bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom designs.

Picture open plan living spaces filled with natural light and crisp light colours.

Large expanses of glass capture the ever-changing coastal views and hardy native recycled timber, tile or low maintenance flooring withstand the wear and tear of sandy feet and rough and tumble family life.

Exquisite marble or tiles add a sophisticated coolness to both bathroom and kitchen design and large island benches lead naturally into open plan living spaces designed for entertaining.

We’ll bring in natural light, expand the space and add an opulent touch to your bedrooms that reflect your personality.

We’ll draw natural light in through large expanses of glass, skylights, and featured picture frame windows.

A double height entrance foyer can add a sense of luxurious space and an uplifting welcome to your home.

The rich textures and patterns, of local materials such as sandstone and recycled timber provide a generous warmth and character and will form a common link as you pass from room to room.


Beachfront coastal home designs face particular challenges, some of which might even appear insurmountable.

It’s important to remember that beaches are dynamic environments and erosion, storm surges and rising sea levels pose special challenges for designers and builders.

Slater Architects take this challenge seriously.

Cleverly engineered solutions such as cantilevered rooms, building up and creating outdoor spaces can provide your site with unforeseen possibilities.

Sloping sites open up the exciting realm of multilevel house design where you can optimise views as well as utilise space underneath for garaging or additional rooms.

One of the major challenges of designing beachfront houses is incorporating materials that cope with the extremely corrosive marine environment and unstable foundations such as sand.

This may require marine grade products. But natural products such as richly grained recycled timbers and sandstone also bring a real solidity to beachfront house designs and help forge a timeless link with the landscape around.

Floor to ceiling glass panels and multi-fold doors opening out onto expansive outdoor entertainment areas eliminate the distinction between indoor and outdoor living.

Timber beams, stone fireplaces and pillars create a sense of expansive warmth allied to the tireless strength of the very earth itself.

Luxury interior designs complement the exterior design, and natural lighting, fresh air ventilation, and passive solar design means your home will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

And we love adding those special touches such as outdoor showers and baths to recreate the special ambiance of the luxury resort.


Our luxury coastal home floor plans are developed instil an organic flow from space to space within your home and transition smoothly from inside to outside living spaces.

Older coastal homes favoured separate living, kitchen, and dining rooms where internal walls hindered views and the flow from room to room that breathes life into a home.

Modern coastal style home plans embrace open plan living and you’ll be impressed by how the removal of some walls can open up dark rooms and take advantage of the expansive views that have been hidden.

We’ll create vast open plan rooms and maximise those views with stunning full height/ length glass panels and multi-fold doors.

Coastal beach house plans offer the opportunity to enlarge bedrooms, add bathrooms and make the most of the natural light and expansive views.

On challenging or tight sections it might be better to build up with multiple layers or additional bedrooms. Steep sections might also offer the opportunity to build down and build garaging underneath.